Enchanting Melodies

L. Subramaniam

Mridangam Player
Palghat Mani Iyer

About this album

1. Varnam : Chalamela; Raga : Nattakurinji; Tala : Adi
Composer : Kuppuswami
Varnam is played as an opening piece in a concert, usually in one or two speeds. Here, after a brief and lucid delineation of the raga with stress on its pivotal notes, the Varnam is rendered in seven tempos for the first time with firm grip on laya. It is an evidence of the genius of Dr. L.Subramaniam.

Commencing in Chatusra (4 aksharakalas) he switches over to Kanda (5 aksharakalas) then to Thisra (6 aksharakalas) and then to Chatusra (8 aksharakalas) then to Kanda (10 aksharakalas) and then to Thisra (12 aksharakalas) and lastly Chatusra (16 aksharakalas) revealing his masterly exposititon of 'Gathi Bedham'. The charanam is played in thrikalam (3 speeds).

2. Krithi : 'Teliyalenu Rama'; Raga : Dhenuka; Tala : Adi
Composer : Sri Thyagaraja swami
The violinist's interpretation of the piece is in tune with the bhava and mood of the composer who feels that insincere persons however much they might put on airs of religious cloak, will never realise the path of devotion.

Ragam, Thanam and Pallavi in Kalyani; Tala : Misra Chapu
Ragam, Thanam and Pallavi constitute the cream of a Carnatic concert, Ragam and Thanam are improvised parts before the Pallavi which is the precomposed line. This is foloowed by neraval, where the artiste gives spontaneous variations to the Pallavi line and later by swara kalpan, followed by the customary 'Thani Avathanam' by the Mridangam player.

The raga alspana of Kalyani is expanded in all its facets with bhava, felicity and power and the top notes executed with skill and artistry, followed by Thanam in the traditional style. The pallavi couched in Misra Chapu Tala (7 beats) is a tidy exposition marking precision and accuracy of rhythm.


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