Vaidyanathan L, Subramaniam L & Shankar L

Shankar L, L. Subramaniam, L. Vaidyanathan


About this album

The violinist L. Subramaniam, L.Shankar and L. Vaidyanathan popularly known as the violin Tro, learnt music from their father Lakshmi Narayan Iyer. They started their music career at young age. They are also profficient in western music besides Hindustani. They came to limelight when they performed a trio violin concert at a function organised by Ravel Krishna Iyer which was presided over by the president of India Dr. Radhakrishnan at Chennai. They have travelled widely through out the world. The brothers performed in perfect unison. Their adavanced violin techniques and vigorous practice have attributed to their success.

1. The album gets a flying start with the Varnam 'sami Ninne Kori' (Sree- Adi), composed by Garba Piriyar.

2. The succeeding krithi is 'Siddhi Vinayakam' (Shanmukhapriya-Rupakam), composed by Muthuswami Dikshitar, on the special occasion of the Hindu festival, 'Vinayaka Chathurthi'. Dikshitar adores Vinayaka who is the reputed leader of the Ganas (Siddhas) served by Yaksharas and Kinnaras, seated in the centre of Lotus (Mooladhara Chakra) and having the delicacy (Modhaka) in His hand. He bears the spear and the rope (Pasankusa) ministered by the Umbrella (Chatra) and Chamara and He spells Success and grants auspicious things to all His devotees. This Lord Ganesha's physical and terperamental characteristics have been beautifully portrayed in this krithi.

3. This is followed by a detailed sketch of the raga Sankarabharanam.

4. The Raga Alapana has been continued here, succeeded by a brief Tanam and a Tamil Pallavi namely, 'Lambodara Sodara Navami Hara', (Ragamalika - Tisragathi Jampai). THe Pallavi has also been rendered in 3 other Ragas namely, Varali, Brhag and Kapi.


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