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Sangeetha Sivakumar

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About this album

Sangeetha Sivakumar had her early training in Carnatic Music in Kerala. Later she became the disciple of Charumati Ramachandran, one of the foremost disciples of the legendary ML Vasanthakumari.

Having absirbed the traditions of the GNB - MLV bani, Sangeetha's music is marked by all the hallmarks of the school detailed and expansive raga alapana, a balance between bhava and laya and the usage of exhilarating sangatis. True to her training, her svara renditions also display the manodharma for which this bani is well known.

Rivers have always had a certain mystic appeal to the Indian psyche. Beginning with the ancient civilizations, India grew along its river banks. The Rig Veds was composed on the banks of the river Sindhu. Temples and palaces sprang up along river banks and it is but natural that rivers have inspired poets, composers and musicians. Here we take up five rivers that have feature prominently in our traditions.

The Ganga, descending from the heavens, falls on the matted locks of Lord Shiva and from there she is said to be released drop by drop at the request of Bhagiratha. Wherever she flows, she purifies and gives salvation to all who purify themselves in her.

The Yamuna is blessed to have witnessed the Rasa Leela of Krishna with the Gopis. Sullen because of the pangs of separation that Radha suffered when her beloved left for Mathura. Joyous at the thought of the reunion that will one day come.

The Tunga, so pure that two great seers came to her banks to set up their hermitages. Raghavendra is ever present here in his Jeeva Samadhi. While Sankara, seeing a cobra protecting a frog from the heat of the sun, realized the spot to be so hallowed that he established the Sringeri Peetha here and enshrined Goddess Sharada.

The Kaveri, who was so capricious that Sage Agastya imprisoned her in his kamandal, only to see her run away again. She carried his grea language of Tamizh and its culture wherever she followed. On her banks lived the Carnatic Trinity, composing gems of music for the joy of generations to come.

Lastly the Tampraparni, lifeline to holy Tirunelveli, where Lord Shiva hurried to protect a poor woman's paddy field from being inundated. WHere Vishnu is forever enshrined as Lord Varaha with Goddess Lakshmi, Where the dainty Goddess Kantimati is worshipped by devotees.


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