Salman Ahmed

About this album

This albums lead track and video Ghoom Tana is the realization of Salman's long-time dream of harmony between India and Pakistan. His songs of peace resounded equally on stage and street way back in 1998, long before peace became a fashionable word between the two neighbours. At the first opportunity, two years ago, he rushed to trace his ancestral roots in Bassi Pathana, a village near Patiala, which his mother left as a little girl during Partition. It was an intensely poignant homecoming. So warm was the embrace of the people that Salman's determination to bring the two countries closer became even stronger and he sought to express it the best way he could: through his music. In Ghoom Tana he collaborated with classical singer Shubha Mudgal and actor Nandita Das, even as a crew of Indians and Pakistanis worked passionately to give shape to this dream.

The other tracks in the album follow the trail of Salman's varied inspirations and wide-ranging travels around the world from Beirut to Oslo, from California to Beijing. Infiniti is a guitar heavy album that refuses to be slotted into any category. This is truly music without boundaries.


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