Young Maestros

S. Sowmya

About this album

A musician of the younger generation, music was a part of her life from a very young age. Youngsters like her value modern composers, who compose songs in Tamil. She has been blessed with a sweet voice and imaginative musical rendition. Her concerts reveal finished quality in preparation and performance skill in handling gamakas. She is an upcoming artiste very popular with the audience.

Several years of training and hard work have gone into her effort to find a place in this vast ocean of Carnatic music. One of the topmost musicians of the day, she believes that all this popularity did not happen overnight. A postgraduate in Chemistry, from IIT, Sowmya opted to tread the musical path, when the question arose whether to pursue her passion of continuing her research in Chemistry or to take up a musical career. Having taken the right decision, there is no looking back.

Sowmya began learning music at the age of six from Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr.S.Ramanathan. Before that, she has her beginnings in Carnatic music under her father Mr.M.Srinivasan, who was a Chemical Engineer. Under Dr.S.Ramanathan, she acquired a strong grounding in this field, and on his advice, she began learning from T.Muktha at the age of 12. Even today she maintains that 85% of her singing style is derived from her guru, with touches of Smt.Muktha.

She studied at IIT Madras, on a scholarship and had held a cultural scholarship for 8 years. Her professor and guide at IIT, Dr.K.K Balasubramaniam, who was a great connoisseur of Carnatic music helped her to choose music instead of continuing Chemistry. Happily for music, she made her choice and became a career musician. But it was only 'music for the sake of music'. She later completed BA and MA in Music from the University of Madras. She continues to learn Sampradhaya Keerthanans from Muktha. During her MA, she learnt many songs from Smt. Suguna Varadhachari. She learnt Papanasam Sivan's krithis from his daughter Smt.Rukmini Ramani. She believes that learning music is certainly a continuous process, and there is no end to it.

Sowmya was one of the earliest to see the advantages of the IT boom. She was one of the first to bring out a CD ROM on Carnatic music, and post that on a VCD also. While the CD-ROM Nadanubhava is a product of superior multimedia technology and is authored to suit all the category of viewers, it aims at exposure, education, entertainment and excellence in a musician.

The next one was a VCD titled Nadopasana. It is the world's first VCD in Carnatic Music. One can learn from Sarali Verisai to Varnam from this package. Many young musicians were involved in the production. This VCD is supported by text and commentary in English at appropriate junctures and is based on the Karaoke format of learning. This received tremendous response from people all over the world.

The latest Video album on Mahakavi Subramania Bharathiyar is a unique one with a live program of this great national poet's songs. With a short write-up about the poet, the interesting aspect of the VCD is that video clippings relevant to the meaning of the songs have been incorporated, while they are being rendered. Yet another activity is the management of Carnatica Archival Center that holds seminars on Carnatic Music and helps in maintaining our tradition in this field.


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