Sowmya - Carnatic Vocal (1998)

S. Sowmya

Mridangam Player
Neyveli Narayanan
Kanjira Player
Purushottam BS
Violin Player
Embar S Kannan
Mohrsing Player

About this album

In the field of Carnatic music, Sowmya has a unique place among the front ranking young musicians and is the most sought after by lovers of music. A solid, rich and melodious voice, wide patantara, adherence to sampradaya, fine grip over aspects of laya, diction and perfection in rendering of kritis are some of the special features of Sowmya's music.

Her outstanding musical talent, nurtured by stalwarts like Dr.S. Ramanathan and Smt.T.Mukta, flows in a calm, grand, leisurely pace, creating waves of serene joy and culminating into blissful harmony. Her strength in weaving out minute details of Raga elaborations with all the ghana and naya touches, forming beautiful patterns of musical network, deserves special mention. Sowmya's approach to music is one of total dedication and firm devotion.

1. The album opens up with an invocation to Lord Ganesa with 'Gam Ganapathe' (Hamsadhwani - Adi Tisra Nadai), a composition of Muthiah Bhagavathar, praising the foremost of Gods.

2. Papanasam Sivan's krithi 'Shittam Irangada' (Sahana - Misrachapu) is an outpouring of absolute devotion to the Supreme.

3. 'Vara Narada' (Vijaysri - Adi) a composition of Thyagaraja describes the greatness of Sage Narada as the greatest Guru of the entire universe and is proclaimed by the Supreme as identical with the Lord Himself.

4. 'Dayarani' (Mohanam -Jhampa) speaks of the utter devotion of Thyagaraja to his Ishta devata Rama, with whom he seeks friendship and graceful blessings.

5. Thyagaraja begs Lord Rama for total protection and refuge in the kriti 'Dinamani Vamsa' (Harikambhoji - Adi).

6. The lively tune of Peelu brings joyful bliss arising out of a devotional lyric in praise of Lord Krishna, describing his various sports. This is a composition of the mystic saint Sadasiva Brahmendra set in Adi tala.

7. The album concludes with a Tiruppugazh of Arunagirinatha in praise of Lord Muruga.


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