S. Sowmya

Violin Player
Embar S Kannan
Mridangam Player
Neyveli Narayanan

About this album

Hindolam raga, one of the rags in which upper India had specialized, has now become a favorite of South India audiences. With the eclecticism characteristic of the South, its moving colours have been embodied in famous kritis by most composers and especially by Sri Thyagaraja in 'Samajavaragamana', by Dikshitar in 'Neerajakshi Kamakshi' and by many others. Sung in slow tempo its appeal is great.

Sowmya S is the archetypal modernist, born as if in answer to a public demand for a crisper and more credible version of Carnatic music. Though basically a dyed-in the wool classicist, she is known and revered as a restless experimenter with the style and content of Carnatic music. Her palpable respect for tradition underlies her music but her concerts always leave
the public with nostalgia for genius that other artists seldom satisfy. Her repertoire is extensive and comes in handy to satisfy exacting audiences, so much that one could say failure is not a word in her dictionary.


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