Ekaika Ragam

Ramprasadh TV

Mridangam Player
Neyveli Narayanan
Ghatam Player
Subramanian EM
Violin Player
Delhi Sunder Rajan

About this album

Born in 1969, in Bombay to musicians Vyasa Rao TA and Rukmini. Ramprasadh TV impressed all by his immense musical gifts early on - in fact from the age of 3.

Initiated into formal musical training at the age of 8, under such masters as Keshavamurthy RR, Gopalakrishnan TV, Rajam S and Narayanaswamy PS, he has now emerged as one of the foremost young talents in the Carnatic music World.

With his captivating voice, clarity in diction and his sheer emotion-filled rendition Ramaprasadh has created a huge fan following. He has however held steadfast to the purity of the classical form through discipline, concentration and uncompromising adherence to tradition.

Not confining his repertoire to classical music alone, he has carved a niche for himself in the field of devotional music too and has even directed music for a documentary film 'Parivrajaka'.


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