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Ramnad Krishnan was adept in rendering several Janya rakti Ragas like Begada and Sahana leaving an everlasting impression in the minds of the listeners. His handling of the Ragamalika elaborations was very special as also the smooth easy flowing technique with which he brought out the essence of music. His swaraprasthara (kalpana swara elaborations) were lively. More important was the influence of Veena Dhanammal Tradition on Ramnad Krishnan. He had such an ardent admiration for this school of singing and learnt several compositions from the torchbearers of this Samparadaya, enriching his own repertoire and creative expertise.

1. Patnam Subramania Iyer's composition 'Ne jesina Neramu' (Poornachandrika - Adi), describes the lamentation of the devotee, asking Lord Venkatesa as to what wrong has been committed by him. He also questions, 'Have I ever forgotten you; I have remained totally in your thought thinking that, that is my fortune'.

2. The moving outpouring of Saint Thyagaraja in 'Eti Janmamidi' (varali - Misrachapu) asks, 'What is life without being able to have the frequent vision of the peerless and beautiful Lord?'

3. 'Sri Tulasamma Maainta' (Devagandhari - Adi), is a beautiful kriti of Thyagaraja, inviting Mother Tulasi to the devotee's house and accept it as Her abode, along with Her Lord and fully adorned with gold jewellery, lace saree and surrounded by divine damsels.

4. The spirited voice of Ramnad Krishnan brings out the fullness in the kriti 'Inthakante kavalena' (Kannada - Rupaka). A composition of Patnam Subramania Iyer, the sahitya is addressed to Lord Rama. 'Please give me my boons and protect, Parama Dayakara (All-merciful Lord) says the composer Patnam Subramania Iyer in Varamulo sagi' (Keeravani - Roopaka).

5. Pattabhiramiah's Javali 'Modijesevelara' (khamas - Adi) in the lilting melody expresses the Nayika's (heroine) longing for the beloved telling that the moment is not right for the Lord to be turning away from her.


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