Swar Shikhar

Ram Narayan


About this album

The Sarangi originated in India's as one among our many ancient bowed instruments. For centuries it was accorded secondary status as an accompaniment to vocal music. It meant years of training for anyone to achieve the great technical dexterity that was required to perform on this instrument. In the early years of the last century, the Sarangi was tragically declared almost extinct. It was in this scenario that Pandit Ram Narayan stepped into as a savior in 1944. He not only became a leading accompanist, but also introduced technical innovations that are now accepted as a standard model for all Sarangi players today.

Pandit Ram Narayan took up the challenge of reviving the Sarangi and affording it the status of a solo concert instrument. Inspired and encouraged by his admirers, like Yehudi Menhuin, Pablo Casuals and Rostropovich, Pandit Omkarnath Thakur, Krishna Rao Shankar Pandit and others, Ram Narayan's dedication brought him success and rich acknowledgement in the field. Pandit Ram Narayan's name is synonymous with Sarangi today.

Ram Narayan's contribution to Indian music as a pioneer, performer and teacher has made him a legend in his own lifetime. His artistry received recognition and respect in India and abroad.

The Acharya Ram Narayan Foundation instituted by him honors great musicians of this country who remain unrecognized for their artistry and knowledge. Ram Narayan has nurtured the musical talent in his family notably, his son, Brij Narayan (sarod), his daughter Aruna Narayan Kalle, and his grandson, Harsh Narayan.

Raag shree

Raag Shree belongs to the Purvi Thaat. Mythology ascribes the creation of this raga to Siva, the Destroyer. It requires an artiste of Ram Narayan's virtuosity to evoke the deep grave mood of this evening raga.

Raag Bhairavi

The Mishra Bhairavi presented in this album can be played at any time of the day. Bhairavi is a light classical raag usually used to conclude a concert. There are many variations to this raga and it is a prerogative of the artiste to induce the many moods this versatile raga offers.


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