Sunrise To Moonlight

Rakesh Chaurasia

Tambura Player
Vilas Pednekar
Tabla Player
Yogesh Samsi

About this album

Young Rakesh Chaurasia is the nephew and child prodigy of flute maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. He is today amongst the front ranking disciples of his guru and shows all the promise to carry the Chaurasia legacy into the next millennium. Amongst other accolades and awards bested on this young artist is the first at the South Central Zone Cultutal Centre Nagpur for the most promising young artist in 1989 and the Jodubhatta Purushkar awarded by the Salt Lake Cultural Association in 1995. Rakesh Chaurasia has regularly appeared in prominent festivals like the St. Xavier's in Bombay and Festival of India in Russia, Japan and USA.

Rakesh Chaurasia has presented the Raagas Ahir Bhairav and Chandrakauns and a Dhun in Pahadi. Ahir Bhairav is a morning Raaga. Picture the hills of northeastern India - Assam. Stately dark green trees - wet mountain soil. The sun has risen in gold - its rays spangling through the forest cocer to fall in delicate patches on the damp soil. The air is romantic - delicate love laced with a firmness of expression, brown and gold -soft and subdued.

The raaga is a combination of Bhairav and Khamaj - Sa, komal Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha and komal Ni. The Ga, Ma, Re, Sa phrase and ambit lead the softness. The Pa, Dha, Ni ambit, the upward ness. Chandrakauns is a pentatonic raaga Sa, komal Ga, Ma, Komal Dha and Ni. The fetching picture of a moonlit night - soft brightness - blue and silver - mysterious shadows and an aroma of intense romance.


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