New Generation Series - Foot Steps

Rahul Sharma

Tambura Player
Mayuri Sharma
Tabla Player
Shafaat Ahmed Khan (Ustad)

About this album

Poised on the horizon at the dawn of the new millennium stand a number of young musicians. The radiance of their talent and promise sets the skies afire. Some among them are walking a path long familiar to their fathers and forefathers, for the concept of gharanedar musicians where the making of music is a legacy handed down from parent to child, is an old and accepted one. Hailing from families intrinsically a part of the history of Indian music, these young musicians are well set to create history in the coming millennium.

Following in the footsteps of his illustrious father, the legendary Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, young Rahul Sharma has earned critical acclaim for his skill and artistry on the santoor. Representing the third generation of musicians in the family, Rahul was initiated into music at the tender age of twelve, by his father and guru. Hailed as one of the young stars on the horizon, Rahul is blessed with an unerring sense of both swara and laya, and is equally adept in the role of a composer. His rendering of the Raga Kalawati is spread over a deftly played alap, jod, jhala and gat sequence in jaya tala of thirteen beats and teentala of sixteen beats respectively. Rahul concludes his rendering with a lilting self-composed dhun, ideal for the lyrical, magical tones of the santoor.


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