Serene Moments (1997)

Priya Sisters

About this album

The Artistes

Shanmukha Priya and Hari Priya the singing duo, more popularly known as 'Priya Sisters' arrived at the Carnatic Musical Scene have successfully revived the act of duo singing.

This revival the vocal music combined with their vivacious style and tuneful blending has made them one of the most sought after performers.

They took their music lessons from their father Shri V.V.Subbaram

The Music

Yaman Kalyani is a raga conveying a lot of sringara and Bagesri creates the emotion of pathos. The Krithis 'Nagavulu' and 'Anthakana' along with Bharatiyar's 'Ninnai Charan' are few of the Kritis rendered in this album.


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