The Unparalleled

Pandit Pannalal Ghosh


About this album

An inimitable artiste is also unrivaled, unequalled and unmatched. An artiste becomes unparalleled when the standards set by him remain indelible for several generations. Saregama HMV have always been keen in catching the best of every musical era.

Amol Jyoi Ghosh born in 1911 in Barisal [now in Bangladesh] became known to the world as Pandit Pannalal Ghosh, a master Flautist of his time. Pandit Pannalalji at the beginning learnt Sitar from his father Pandit Akshay Kumar Ghosh, a noted Sitarist. He mastered Harmonium under Ustad Khushi Mohammad. He played Flute for the New Theatres under the music direction of Raichand Boral. Acharya Girija Shankar Chakravarti trained him in vocal genres like Khayaal and Thumri. With this varied experience Panditji ventured as a composer into Film Music; but soon abandoned it in order to devote entire time to the Classical Music. Legendary Ustad Baba Allauddin Khan of Maihar Gharana finally groomed him to be what he became known for.

Pandit Pannalalji gave Indian Flute the status of being a Concert Instrument in Hindustani Classical Music. An explorer, a scientist in him augmented the technical possibilities in a Flute. He used to play Khayaal-Anga on his flute. He was using three Flutes in his performances; one for the Ati-Mandra Saptak, another for Mandra and Madhya Saptaks and third one for Taar and Ati-Taar Saptaks. Aalapi in Vilambit Laya, Badhat in Madhya Laya and use of notes in Ati-Mandra Saptak were the characteristics of his playing Flute. Pandit Devendra Murdeshwar was his noted disciple. Panditji breathed his last on 20th April 1960 leaving behind the sweet memories of his immortal Flute.


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