Drums Of India

Pandit Kumar Bose


About this album

The rolling thunderous cadences of drumming are the most ancient, universally beloved joy of music known to man. In India alone has drumming developed into a fine art form - a beautiful language of expressive syllables - from the delicate to the explosive. A stupendous mathematical art of juggling kaleidoscopic patterns within the ring of the tala cycle. HMV brings this superlative series as a tribute to a unique international art form.

Kumar Bose's art of tabla playing combines the suave, almost arrogant confidence of the erudition of the Benaras gharana with an immensely masculine virility laced with elegance as well as drama. He is one of those rarer instances of artists in whom the richness of knowledge and repertoire merges with that gift of feeling into the common man's pulse which is the hallmark of mass popularity

The tabla with the development of Khayal in vocal music and Kathak in dance, gradually overshadowing its precursor - the traditional Pakhawaj - which was co-evil with the esoteric Dhrupad system.


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