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North Hindustani ragas can be classified as per That system or Raganga system. Sarang is a Raga Anga. The Sarang Ang projects "re"-"Ma"-"Pa"-"Ma"-"Re" sangati of the notes. The Sarang group of ragas are Poorvangapradhan ragas.

Shudha Sarang :- This is a mid-day raga that creates Veer Rasa. It is an Odav-Shhadav raga with "Re"-"Pa" as its Vaadi-Samvaadi notes. It deletes "Ga" completely and "Dha" from the Asroha. It uses both the forms of "Ma".

Mian Ki Sarang :- This is a mid-day raga that brings a tint of Karuna Rasa in Veera Rasa. It is a Shhadav raga with "Re"-"Pa" as Vaadi-Samvaadi notes. It deletes "Ga". It uses both the forms of "Ni".

The founder of Mewati Gharana Ustad Ghagge Nazeer Khan happened to be the disciple and son-in-law of the legendary Gwalior duo Haddu-Hassu Khan. He belonged to Jodhpur in Mewat region. The tradition was passed on to Pandit Natthulal, Pandit Motiram, the nephew of Pandit Natthulal took it over and further passed it on to his son Pandit Maniram among others. Pandit Maniram, through rigorous training, educated his brother, Pandit Jasraj to be able contemporary leader of Mewati Gharana.

Pandit Jasraj has a very rich voice. The emotive aspect of his singing enthralls the listeners. He has a spiritual bend of mind that reflects in his music.

He has been the recipient of the "Sangeet Natak Akademi Award" in 1987 and he was honored with the "Padma Vibhooshan" title in 2000. He has trained many celebrity disciples.


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