The Versatile Bhimsen Joshi Vol 4

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

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About this album

If an opinion poll is held to decide the most popular classical vocalist in India, the verdict will undoubtedly go in favor of Bhimsen Joshi. However, popularity apart, Bhimsen Joshi stands tall among his peers as a highly versatile genius too. For close to four decades he has regaled his fans with a whole range of musical forms from khayal to thumri and from bhajans to natyageet. So much so, that for the uninitiated common man the name Bhimsen Joshi is synonymous with music itself. While all his contemporaries have had their fan following in specific areas, Bhimsen Joshi is one singer whose appeal is truly national. Hence, it would be no exaggeration to say that Bhimsen Joshi is not merely a singer but a phenomenon.

His music has a vital power, which the audiences find irresistible. The mere sound of his voice, which vibrates profusely in the lower octave, exercises a hypnotic effect on the seasoned as well as newly converted listener of classical music. A disciple of Sawai Gandharva, this finest product of Kirana School has garnered more accolades and awards than he can remember. Today Bhimsen Joshi is a legend in his own time. Music Today proudly presents the varied and wide repertoire of this rare artist in this series.

Raga Hindol
Saheliya jao mangal gao, vilambit Teentala
Lal jinkar ho, drut Teentala

This is not a raga, which is commonly associated with Bhimsen Joshi. Sung in the late morning hours, it is not considered an easy raga to render. Raga Hindol has only four notes (Sa-Ga Ma-Dha-Sa) in the ascent and descent (Sa-Dha-Ma-Ga-Sa). All the notes are natural or shuddha except the fourth (Ma) is sharp or teevra. This lends a mood of romance and longing to the raga. Bhimsen Joshi sings a slow tempo khayal composition Saheliya jao Mangal Gao set to teentala. In this composition he delivers some breathtaking, fast tans. The fast composition Laal jinkarh is engaging with a brisk pace. This is a live recording by Bakul Bhavsar of Bhimsen Joshi's performance for the Indian Music Group of St. Xaviers' College in Bombay in 1990.


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