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Raag Bhimpalasi is a popular mid-afternoon melody of the kafi family. It is classified as an Audav-Sampoorna raag as its Aroha (ascending phase) leaves out Rishabh and Dhaivat to become pentatonic, while the Avaroha (descending phase) remains full-scale. Being of Kafi genre, its melodic scale has Gandhar-Nishad Komal(Flat) while the remaining notes are normal or Shudh Swaras. The Vaadi or predominant note in its scale is Madhyam while its Samvaadi or co-dominant note is Shadj. This rendition of the Bhimpalasi by Panditji is an excellent example of his Siddhi over it.

The raag happens to be one of his favorites. Though Panditji reserves it for rare occasions. This particular occasion was a baithak at Shri Mahendra Khimji's in 1988, preserved for posterity on tape by Bakul Bhavsar. It reveals the emotive appeal of Bhimsenji's vocalism. It is a rewarding listening experience, which is sure to leave behind a euphoric after-glow.


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