Rasrang Shringar And Bhakti

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

About this album

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi is a versatile vocalist. He sings Khayals, Thumries, Bhajans, Natya Geets, Bhaav Geets and Film Songs with equal ease. In his performances he projects his parent Kirana Gharana by widening its precincts.

The tradition of Indian Literature has championed the concept of the Nav Rasas. The legendary artistes of music have been able to express these ragas through their music too. In this cassette we have presented Panditji rejoicing in the Rang of Two Rasa's.

Thumri - Thumri is a semi-classical genre of Hindustani Music. Thumri deals with love, attachment, and happiness of union and pangs of separation. The mood of a Thumri is that of a Shringar Rasa. Shringar Rasa can culminate into Bhakti Rasa also if the love transcends human limits and becomes divine.

Bhajan has a spiritual foundation. It is a process of surrendering one's ego before the God. The mood of Bhajan is that of a Bhakti Rasa. It is an interaction of human feelings with the divine element.


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