Immortal Bhajans (2004)

OS. Arun

Mridangam Player
Muruga Bhupathy T
Harmonium Player
Kuldeep Pai
Violin Player
Mullaivasal G Chandramouli
Tabla Player
Ganapathi S

About this album

In this album, O. S. Arun performs traditional bhajans, with a contemporary twist, by various saint-composers in a variety of Indian languages (Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Sanskrit and Telugu). Some of the key features on this album are the beautiful renditions of a Kabirdas bhajan in Raga Brindavani, a brilliant violin interlude in the song 'Sasthavin'. A Guru Nanak bhajan and 'Hari Hari' in Raga Behag are marked by lively renditions with a distinctly classic devotional flavour.


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