Master Piece Vol 2

Nedunuri Krishnamurthy

Mridangam Player
Mannargudi Easwaran
Violin Player
Lalgudi G Jayaraman

About this album

Nedanuri Krishnamurthy performed the role of a musicologist, teacher, artistic and administrative head of music colleges and more conspicuously as a professional musician performing on the stage.

Groomed by his Guru Dr.Pinakapani, Nedanuri's ragas are all replete with continuously whirling decorative patterns and passages, and so they are. He brings unusual colors to the patterns he weaves and novel touches as well. Yet he deviates not even a little from the awareness, his lakshya, makes it possible for him to adhere to the contours of the raga he is essaying even while exploring its nooks and corners with the light of his manodharma.

In the rendering of swarasas well as of alapanas, Nedunuri emphasises ragabhava. The solfa syllables flow with a natural ease, strung together with elegance; sometimes they pour in cascades. In rendering kritis, he stresses the suhanubhava. He does not flaunt his technical dexterity but uses it to produce musically satisfying performance. He took up as a mission the task of popularizing Annamacharya compositions. He has set to tune around 60 Annamacharya songs.

This album captures some ecstatic moments of his performance in a live concert at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha in 1984 ably accompanied by two eminent legendary figures - Lalgudi G.Jayaraman and Mannarkudi Eswaran.

These recordings are presented to Carnatic music lovers and connoisseurs with a hope of re-kindling their great musical experience of the past. For those who were not fortunate to have been present on these concerts, these recordings are expected to have nostalgic value.


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