Jewels Of Rhythm

TS. Nandakumar


About this album

Vadya Laya Vrinda, Bombay, dedicates Jewels Of Rhythm to the memory of great maestros of the past for their invaluable contribution to the development of the art of percussion

Jewels Of Rhythm is a creation of Mridanga Vidwan Ambalapuzha Shri T.S Nandakumar, who belongs to the current generation of a family of musicians- the late Ambalapuzha Brothers, Nadaswara Vidwans of repute. His guru was none other than the well-known Kaithavana Madhava Das. He is now imparting training to students under auspices of Shanmukhananda Fine Arts & Sangeetha Sabha, Music Triangle, Ganakala Vidya Nilayam, Nadaalaya and others in Bombay. He also takes special interest in developing his disciples and through whom he has presented a number of percussion ensembles on several prestigious platforms. His deep sense of dedication and Sadhana contribute to his continuing success.


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