Master Piece Vol 1 (Live - 1987) (2003)

Namagiripettai Krishnan


About this album

Hailing from Namagiripettai, a small town, this genius was initiated into the art by his grandfather Shri Chinnappa Mudaliar. His distinguished career gave him the opportunity to play before successive Presidents of India. He was decorated with Kalaimamani title in 1972 and was made the Asthana Vidwan in 1977, the Padmashree in 1981 and the Sangeeth Natak Academy in the same year. His tremendous lungpower, adept handling of ragas and the capacity to exploit the instrument for microtonal inflection has made him a household name.

These recordings are presented to Carnatic music lovers and connoisseurs with a hope of re-kindling their great musical experience of the past. For those who were not fortunate to have been present on these concerts, these recordings are expected to have nostalgic value.


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