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About this album

The 8 kalai pallavi, which consists of playing and developing the piece that divides each unit of the 9 count tala into 8 parts of 4 sub-units, is set in Latangi, the 63rd melakarta raga. The tanam has been rendered in the main raga and in a deviation from the beaten path, in ragas which can be best described as 'close cousins' of the usual ghana panchaka i.e. - Chalanata, Gowri, Shuddhasaveri, Vijayashri and Manirangu. The pallavi starts at the exact mid-point of the first beat.

It has been rendered in 8 kalais with neraval and then rendered in 4 speeds, each double the previous. Followed by a rendition in 4 kalais with neraval followed by tishra gati and 2-kalai with neraval and chaturashra tishram in between. The melo-rhythmic cadence (korvai) has been one in a new pattern with each of the 3 renditions landing at different points within the first half of the pallavi. The pallavi ends with a rendition of the pallavi in 1 kalai with kalpana swaras.

Chitravina N.Ravikiran, hailed as the world's youngest performing musician, had his first stage appearance in 1969, at the age of two. Having exhibited mind-boggling abilities such as being able to identify and render 325 ragas and 175 talas and answer numerous other technical questions related to Carnatic music.

Ravikiran has never ceased to astonish and thrill music lovers with his incredible and seemingly incredulous accomplishments. Having given vocal concerts from his 5th year, Ravikiran chose to highlight the beauties of the Chitravina, an exquisite 21-stringed fretless instrument played with a slide.

Ravikiran has firm conviction that perfection is incomplete without perception and correctness in execution and whatever is presented must have instant appeal as well as lasting values. He has inculcated these values and trained many disciples all over the world.


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