Fearless (2010)


About this album

After a string of International smash hits such as Puth Punjab Da, Ranglay Punjab Diyaan, Ranjha Jogi and Tumka II, Mehsopuria returns after 3 years with his new musical offering 'Fearless'.

Mehsopuria is undoubtedly an Icon and one of the most recognized and popular International names in modern day Punjabi music, entertaining music fans worldwide with his flamboyant and unique image, as well as his energetic Bhangra songs.

The album promises to beat all his hits so far, with a new image and style - get ready for a musical journey! Fearless will show Mehsopuria's true talent with different styles of tracks catering for his fans across the world. The album has been produced by Kam Frantic, Q.C Productions and Majic. The album has 8 massive Bhangra tracks with two killer house-dance urban tracks as well to make an album of 10 songs.

Legendary UK producer Kam Frantic and Mehsopuria combine again, almost half a decade after their phenomenal past success. The anticipation for the album has been brewing worldwide. 'FEARLESS' will surely be one of the biggest Bhangra music albums worldwide this year since his debut album in 2003 that featured the anthem 'TUMKA II'.


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