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Mangalam Shankar

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About this album

Smt Mangalam Shankar is a singer of rare cultural attainments, brought up in the thoroughly schooled methods of the veteran Sangeetha Kalanidhi Sri T.M.Thiagarajan known for his strict adherence to tradition. The songs recorded in this album embody many subtleties of creative music and are not just instances of the expert craftsmanship. They help to enrich listening experience and give glimpses of wider musical horizons and many a subtlety of the creative art that Carnatic Music abounds in.

This album opens with the Bahudari song 'Bhaja Manasa' of Thulasi Vanam, which is vibrantly alive. This is followed by Atana songs 'Yar Ummaipol' in Tamil with its own musical thrust. 'Manasuloni' of Sri. Thyagaraja in Varamu is the next piece, which
is rendered mellifluously. The song 'Sri Harihara Sutha' of Irayamman Thambi of the former Travancore state is rendered in the raga Kosalam with verve.

Then comes 'Parandamavathi' in Dharmavathi raga. It is a paradigm of elegance that T.M.T.'s Patantharam can be depended upon to produce. This is followed by Natchiyar Thirumozhi 'Karpooram Narumo'. The Tamil outpouring in Kamas which has fusion of thought and feeling very well brought out by Mangalam's rendering.

The next item 'Nenjinil Niraindidum', in Rajani Mala contains intensities of beauty, which touch the heart through soulful interpretation.

The concluding item is taken from the divine Ashtalakshmi Sthothram composed by Mukkur Srinivasa Varadachariyar melodiously tuned by Sri T.M.T. in the raga Chandrakauns deftly handled by Mangalam. This piece, 'Pranatha Sureshwari' is in praise of Vidhyalakshmi.

The whole album is conductive of enrichment of one's musical experience. Smt. Mangalam Shankar has been nominated for the Sahithya Priya (Acharya) award instituted by Jan Kalyan.


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