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M.S.Subbulakshmi's name figures on the canvas of World Art Music as one of its most spectacular and celebrated exponents through history.

In a career spanning 7 decades, she has given a new meaning to the expression 'a legend in her lifetime'. Art Music has seen only a handful of personalities like her, who have had such a far-reaching impact on the propagation of the art at the regional, national and international levels.

She achieved celebrity status even in the thirties and since then, it has seemed more of an exercise at adding new dimensions to the concept of fame. What are the essential qualities in her music, which have helped her on this remarkable sojourn? A voice, which combines natural aptitude with technique, power with radiance, modulation with uniformity over range and expression with virtuosity. A conception of music and style which reconciles form with feeling, tradition with innovation, freedom with discipline, spontaneity with pre-meditation and colour with precision. She has had a gift for establishing a
rapport with her audiences, and a legendary stage presence. She has known how to balance the continuous expansion of her repertoire with presentation of fare, identified with her persona over decades at different periods. But finally, it is what music must mean to her, that makes the final difference. And that we can only gauge, not fully understand. Gauge from her total absorption in her quest for a goal she alone can conceive of.

This album comprises of some of her earlier rare renderings that give a flavour of the tremendous vitality she infuses into the creation of musical ambience.


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