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About this album

Gopalakrishnan MS is an out-standing accompanist and a soloist in 'Parur' style, having imbibed the nuances of this tradition from his illustrious father late Sri Parur Sundaram Iyer. Gopalakrishnan MS is the only violinist giving solo concerts in bothe Hindustani and Carnatic styles. Recipient of several awards and honors, he has performed for world wide cultural audiences, and has to his credit sveral discs, casettes and comapct discs. In this production, Sri Gopalakrishnan MS offers a collection of compositions by six well-known composers, in four languages - Tamil, Sanskrit, Telugu and Hindi - all of them based on a strong devotional content, seeking refuge and total surrender at the feet of the Supreme.

1. Koteeswara Iyer, one of the well-known contemporary composers has composed 'Maha Ganapathe' in Tamil. The song describes the Lord as 'Vallabha Ganapati' who is virtuous, and an ocean of mercy. Son of Goddess Uma, giver of devotion, Siddhi(Salvation) and Buddhi (Intellect), Saviour in distress and is the favourite deity of the composer, a great devotee, who bears the signature Kavi Kunjara.

2. Kanja Dalayadaakshi - a well-known Sanskrit composition of one of the Musical Trinity, Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar addressing Goddess Kamakshi of kanchipuram, as one who possesses lotus-petal-like eyes. The composer describes the beautiful gait of Goddess and extols Her as having ornamental soft feet, full-moon like face and who is enshrined at Kanchi as the consort of Ekamresa (Siva); Further, the composer seeks refuge at the feet of Sri maha Tripura Sundari, the parrot in the Sivapanjara (cage) who protected Cupid.

3. Sri Syama Sastri of the Musical Trinity is wee-known for his extremely devotional lyrics, on Supreme Goddess, which are mostly in the form of a child's surrender at the feet of its mother. In Ninnu Vinaga mari, the composer asks Kanchi Kamakshi as his only source of protection, saving him from the midst of worldly beings and requests that his mind be cleared to become pure in thought.

4. Emani Pogaduthura (telugu) a composition of Saint Thyagaraja, praises Lord Rama, the indweller of the Universe, and about his assigning Taamasa guna to Siva, Raajasa guna to Brahma and for making Indra haughty.

5. Saint Thyagaraja, while describing the glory of devotion to Lord Rama, in his composition maa Jaanaki (Telugu), says that the Lord Himself became great and famous by taking the hand of 'Our Sita', in marriage, and thereby acquired the glory of being Ravana's Vanquisher. Sita, as Thagaraja says, left the credit of killing the enemy to Rama, although she herself could have very well completed it by her indignant look.

6. Maharaja Swati Tirunal's composition in Hindi, is a devotional outpouring, addressed to Lord Rama, seeking refuge at His feet; the composer contemplates that who else other than Rama will take the burden of his distress and protect him.


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