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About this album

MS Sheela, the melody queen of Karnataka, stormed the music circle of Tamilnadu and has carved niche for herself in this vast field. Her mother M.N Rathna was her first guru who developed in her love and devotion towards music. This love for music grew and led her to train under the well-known vidwan RK Srikantan.

She did her Post Graduation in music from Bangalore University and is a Gold Medallist. She has been awarded the title 'Ganakaladhara' And 'Sumadhura Sangitha Dhruvathare'. She is a top rank artiste in AIR and Bangalore DD. The dulcet voice singer. She sings in lucid style and is known for her eloquent raga elaboration and enticing exposition of swaras. She
expresses clearly the ingredient of traditional Carnatic music without frills. MS Sheela has come to stay.

1. This Album begins with a varnam 'Evarunnaru' (Nalinakanthi - Adi) by Mysore Vasudevachar.

2. 'Vinayaka' (Vegavahini - Rupakam) is a Krithi on Lord Vinayaka of Kanchi. Lord Vinayaka is the remover of all obstacles and is worshipped even by all the Devas.

3. 'Lavanya Rama' (Poornashadjam - Rupakam) is composed by Saint Thyagaraja on Lord Rama describing His greatness and other divine attributes and His beauty which is mind blowing. He is the only God to whom Thyagaraja will bow.

4. 'Saatileni' (Poorvi Kalyani - Misrachapu) is a beautiful krithi composed by Tanjore Ponniah Pillai.

5. 'Paraaku Neekelaraa' (Kiranavali - Adi) is composed by Saint Thyagaraja pleading Lord Rama to remove his misery by blessing him with His darshan.

6. 'Akshyalinga Vibho' (Sankarabharanam - Misrachapu) is a krithi sung in praise of Lord Shiva Akshayalinga of Keevalur who is the destroyer of all evil and the protector of His devotees.

7. 'Gandhamu Puyyaruga' (Punnagavarali - Adi) is a beautiful krithi composed by Saint Thyagaraja on Lord Krishna, and sung to the Gopis to attend to the needs of the Lord.


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