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The hallmark of the unique Lalgudi tradition is the emphasis on the relentless pursuit of excellence. Lalgudi GJR Krishnan and Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi are the glowing torch-bearers of this singular bani and their disciplined, dedicated, determined commitment to maintain percentage quality in their performances has catapulted them to the highest rungs in the ladder of Carnatic music. Their violin duets are widely appreciated and enjoyed because of their expertise in artistic communication and the ability to establish an instant rapport with the audience.

Their clean, confident bowing, imaginative raga delineations, involved song renditions that are in keeping with the mood of the lyrics in spite of being instrumental music, the absolute control of rhythm in solpha improvisations and endearing presentation of compositions in the lighter 'genre' are testament that they are in a league of their own.

This album, with soul stirring compositions by different composers extolling the glory of Lord Rama, is dedicated by an aesthetic criteria that would instantly strike a responsive chord.

1. Thyagaraja, the composer non-peril, proved through his immortal songs that music is divine, not only as a means, but also as an end by itself. In this Suddha Bangala song 'Rama Bhakti Samrajya', he says that blessed are the souls who have attained eternal bliss through their unswerving devotion to the Lord.

2. 'Apparamabhakti', another gem of Thyagaraja in Pantuvarali, stresses that devotion to Rama arrests the wandering mind and protects the devotee like the eyelids guarding eyes.

3. The songs of Mysore Vasudevachar, a prolific composer, are marked by lyrical and devotional excellence. His 'Bhajare' in Bhimplas, is an epitome of melody.

4. Sahana, a winsome traditional raga, is beautifully reflected in Thyagaraja's 'Vandanamu', in which the composer pleads with the Lord to accept his heart as His abode.

5. Patnam Subramania Iyer, a meritorious composer, earned the sobriquet 'Chinna Thyagaraja'. His Sama composition 'Maravakave' is an aural treat.

6. Amrithavauhini is a rare raga in which there is only one Thyagaraja composition, 'Sri Rama Padhama', that asserts that the Blessed Feet of Lord Rama is the ultimate sanctuary for devotees.

7. 'Yaro Endrennamale', one of Arunachala Kavirayar's Rama Nataka kritis, is an all time favorite.

8. Purandara Dasa was to Carnatic music what Valmiki was to Ramayana. His Rama Mantrava Japiso in lilting Jonpuri is steeped with melodic and spiritual appeal.


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