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About this album

Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan is famed for the liveliness of his music. At concerts, his audiences travel with him into a realm of high energy. That's the energy you experience in this collection.

Vaidyanathan learnt music from his father Ramaswamy Sastry, and made his debut when he was barely 12. He then joined a film orchestra in Salem. Word about his mastery over the violin spread, and he soon began accompanying senior classical vocalists all over the south. His turned into a solo performer in 1960. He has occasionally been scoring music for films too. He turned his attention to fusion recently and recorded an album with tabla maestro Zakir Hussain and a western violin ensemble.

Described as 'a veritable dynamo', and hailed for his 'petulant brilliance', Vaidyanathan has a faithful audience all over India and abroad.

In this collection, Vaidyanathan presents six well-known invocations.

Vatapi Ganapatim, Raga Hamsadhwani, Tala Adi
Muthuswamy Dikshitar's classic song to Ganesha, the god who removes obstacles and grants all your wishes.

Himagiri Tanaye, Raga Shuddha Dhanyasi, Tala Adi
Muthaiah Bhagavatar prays to Parvati, daughter of the Himalayas, and giver of love.

Rama Mantrava Japiso, Raga Jaunpuri, Tala Adi
Purandara Dasa urges humans to chant the name of Rama, the same name that gods hold dear, and chant to their wives.

Nidhi Tsala Sukhama, Raga Kalyani, Tala Mishra Chapu
What greater treasure can I hope for but the presence of Rama, Thyagaraja sings in this perennial favorite.

Mooruthiyannu Niliso, Raga Kapi, Tala Adi
Fill my heart with your image, Purandara Dasa pleads with Krishna, his favorite god.

Jagadoddharana, Raga Kapi, Tala Adi
Yeshoda plays with Krishna thinking he is just another baby, but he's the lord who rules the world. Purandara dasa's hymn, rich in lyricism and wonder, is also one of his most loved compositions.


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