Kasthuri Rangan S

Kasthuri Rangan S

Violin Player
Kumbakonam MR Gopinath
Ghatam Player
Ravichandran G
Mridangam Player
Melakaveri Balaji

About this album

Kasthuri Rangan S attracted the attention of the music field towards him, when he won the best singer award from the Chennai Music Academy during their spirit of youth concert series in 1992. The young vocalist with a promising cultured voice is trained methodological from his childhood. The initial training was imparted by Smt Shankunthala of Mumbai and a specialized training in singing Muthuswami Dikshitar's Navavarna and Navagraha Krithis was given by Smt Kalyani Sharma at Mumbai.

He passed a Bachelor's degree in Indian Music at Madras University. Besides qualifying himself in music, Kasthuri Rangan also holds a degree in Commerce. After having learnt at Shanmukananda Sabha Sangeetha Vidhyalaya, Mumbai he had undergone an intensive advanced training under Madurai Seshagopalan TN. He is recipient of many awards.

1. Muthuswamy Dikshitar in this composition 'Sri Mahaganapathiravathumam' (Gowlai - Misrachapu) pays salutations to Mahaganapathy. This is sung in praise of 'Maatruraitha Pillayar' temple at Thiruvarur. Dikshitar addresses Him as Swarnakarshana Ganapathim (One who attracts gold).

2. In 'Manavi Chekonavayya' (Sarasangi - Rupakam) Patanam Subramanya Iyer praises Rama as capable of eliminating all sins.

3. 'Kalyaana Rama' (Hamsanadham - Adi) is composed by Oothukkadu Venkatasubbaiyer is a noted Tamil composer of the pre-trinity era. In this album one of his Sanskrit composition is sung. In this piece he describes the celestial marriage of Lord Rama with Sita.

4. In 'Niravadhi Sukhada' (Ravi Chandrika - Adi) 'Oh Rama, you give endless happiness, you are blemish less. You constructed the bridge across the sea, being worshipped by Indira and Shiva. Please save me'. Prays Thyagaraja.

5. 'Punnagai Ondre Podhume' (Hamsanandi - Adi) is a composition of Ambujam Krishna in Tamil. The composer praises the savior Lord Maha Vishnu and admires the beauty of His smiling face.

6. 'Thunga Theera Viraajam' (Salakabhairavi - Khanda Chapu) is a composition of Kamalesa Vittala. This song in praise of the Madhva Ponti Sri Ragavendra Swamy, who's Jeeva Samadhi is at Manthralayam in Karnataka.

7. 'Pravisha Raadhe' (Ashtapathi) (Sivaranjani - Kandachapu). This is a Sanskrit verse of Jayadeva (12 Century) based on Mathura Bakthi.

8. 'Kaakkai Chiraginile' (Brindavana Saaranga - Adi) is a famous Tamil poem of Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi who sees the presume of Lord Vishnu in every thing and everywhere.

9. 'Dhanya Anjanicha Sutha' (Abhang - Adi) is a form of composition sung widely in Harikatha Kalashepas and Keerthanas. This Marati Abhang is in praise of Hanuman.


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