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About this album

Karaikudi R Mani, the laya maestro who has a remarkable innings of more than three and a half decades as a top ranking mridangist, has lent imaginative, innovative dimensions to the art form of percussion. It is absolutely true that to be a successful, sensitive rhythm artiste, one should also be proficient in the domine of music.

Mani's knowledge of music, both theoretical and practical is reinforced by the fact that he is also a consummate singer. He has many musical compositions to his credit that have beauty of form and perfect harmony. His total commitment as a outstanding guru is too well acknowledged to bear repetition. His reputation as an exceptional
accompanist, who raises the standard of performances several notches upwards, is without argument. His concerts underlining the beauty and importance in the genre of rhythm have been welcomed fervently and have helped the public to argument levels of appreciation.

Culcutta K.S.Krishnamurthy, a senior vidwan in the sphere of Carnatic music, has long years of performing and teaching experience. He is a meritorious composer whose lilting varnams, lovely compositions and lucent thillanas are favored by both performers and listeners. This album comprises of two musical pieces composed by Mani and
Krishnamurthy. The first is in raga Bahudari, set to Adi tala and the second in the form of a ragamalika with ragas - Ranjani, Bowli and Kapi set to Misrachapu tala.

The other popular artistes participating in the programme are N. Ramani (Flute), G. Harishankar (Kanjira), T.V. Vasan (Ghatam), Srirangam Kanna (Morsing), S.D. Sridhar (Violin), P.V. Adiseshu (Clavichord) and V.B. Madhusudhanan (Tabla).


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