Kaminey (2009)


About this album

Vishal Bhardwaj's latest score shows a rare ingenuity that other '90s and older composers would do well to emulate - he sticks to his own style and cleverly crafts in the right mix of apt retro flavour with concessions to today's far-less-melodic era.
With Gulzar coming in on the lyrics with customary reinvention (Yeh ishq nahin aasaan/ Iss mein AIDS ka khatra hai!) the battle is more than won, and Kaminey adds to Vishal's towering highs like Maachis and Omkara. In ascending order, we start with Vishal's self-rendered title-song Kaminey, which has the unintentional contrast of the composer's soft voice mixing with the dark tenor in an unexpectedly synergistic charm. Fataak (Sukhwinder-Kailash) is very typical Vishal - with its irreverent tone of rebellious fun. Raat ke dhai baje sung by four singers is a tangy teaser of a song in which the best part is Suresh Wadkar's presence in a composition that does justice to his calibre and also exposes the myth that he is a dated voice. Then comes Mohit Chauhan's low-key Pehli baar mohabbat. Though a song that does not register at first hearing in these days of superficial songs, it grows on you and is among the singer's best. But my own pick is the season's hit Dhan te nan (Sukhwinder-Vishal Dadlani), with its absolutely lip-smacking tenor that earns brownie points galore for the arranger as much as for the composition.


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