Music Melody

Kamala Shankar

Tabla Player
Kubernath Mishra

About this album

Born in Tanjore district, Kamala Shankar had her initial training in music from her mother. She learnt 'Gayaki' from the renowned vocalist Pandit Chhanoo Lal Mishar's varanasi. At the age of 14, however she got fascinated by the guitar and she put her mind and soul in mastering the technique of playing Hindustani Classical on this Western-string instrument. She topped her training with a Doctors Degree in guitar under Late Gopal Shankar Mishra. She has to her credit a number of awards and has performed widely. She is an artiste par excellence and is the first woman to transpose Indian Musical traditions to a Western Hawaiian Guitar to present Hindustani Classical Music.

This album flips open with a magnificent rendition of raag Bageshwari with an elaborate Alaap, Vilambit and Drut Jhala in Teen Taal (16 beats). It is a night raaga, creating an aura of romance and magic. It is incredibly soothing and transports us to a land of beauty and joy.

Beginning with a brief alap in raag Shyam Kalyan, Madhya Jhap Taal and Drut Ektaal (12 beats). Dr Kamala brings out the finer nuances and her adeptness in having understood not only the raga but also the various hidden delights that the guitar inevitably brings to the soul.


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