Kalyani Lakshminarayana

Kalyani Lakshminarayana

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Puvalur Srinivasan
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Subash Chandran TH

About this album

Daughter and disciple of the eminent Veena vidwan Dr Emani Shankara Sastri, Kalyani has imbibed his precision, beauty, style and mastery over the veena rendition. Gamaka excellence is in her genes and this cassette is enough proof of that.

1. The performance begins with a 'Varnam' (Chalamela) (Natakuranji-Adi). This is a composition of Srirangam Rangaswamy Nattuvanar where he pleads to the lotus eyed, protector of Draupadi and of the whole word, as to why the reluctance and delay in coming to the refuge of the poet.

2. The next song is 'Pahigananayakam' (Visarada - Adi) by Dr Emani Shankara Sastri himself. This is a salutation to the Lord of Wisdom, with the face of an elephant, son of Parvathi, worshipped by all celestial beings as the first Lord.

3. 'Needu Charanamule' (Simhendra Madhyamam - Misrachapu) where Thyagaraja devoutly declares that he has full faith only on the feet of Rama as a refuge. Adorned by the vedas and Agamas, prop of the Universe, Rama, can only protect him, what so ever be the method.

4. This side opens up with 'Niravadhi Sukhada' (Ravichandrika - Adi). The saint poet Thyagaraja addresses Rama as dispenser of endless bliss, one who relieved sage Gautama's curse on Ahalya worshipped by Indira and also by Thyagaraja.

5. 'Samajavara Gamana' (Hindolam - Adi) is the next number where Thyagaraja salutes Rama who has a grand and majestic gait of an elephant, is the effulgent sun who causes his devotees hearts to blossom like the lotus, adept in the nectarine music born of Sama Veda.

6. The next song is a Tulsidas Bhajan. The saint poet's phenomenal Bhakti for Rama has made him composer for numerous Bhajans in Hindi.

7. 'Madhura Smrithi' (Ragamalika - Misra Khamas) a composition of the veena Vidwan Dr Emani Shankara Sastri where he declares meditation that on the Lord is more calming on the mind than anything else.


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