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As ancient as Indian Culture, as variegated as its features and yet presenting unity in diversity, so also Carnatic classical and Hindustani classical, though diverse in many respects possess lot of commonalities. Their roots are strong, the branches
are meandering, and fruits sweet, as both traditions have coherence and several meeting points.

These ideas are captured and synthesized in this album 'Sneham'. The Musical Friendship consisting of a scintillating Carnatic Violin by Kalpana Venkat meeting, mixing, mingling with the melodious strains of Hindustani Sitar by Siva Rama Krishna coalescing dexterously with musical perfection and understanding, heightening the content and quality of this album. Whether is sruthi or style, laya or synchronization, the Mridangam and Tabla needly and fiercely vie with one another with subtleties, accompanying the Violin and Sitar, thus still enhancing and reaching the pinnacle of this Musical friendship.

Kalpana Venkat is among the foremost young violinist in Carnatic music today. A disciple of Kalaimamani Smt Rukmani T, her playing style is a blend of instrumental dexterity and rich classicism. Kalpana has accompanied several of today's top musicians such as Nithyashree Mahadevan and Chitraveena Ravikiran, in addition to leading lights such as Sangeetha Kalanidhi Pattamal DK and Sri Dr Balamuralikrishna M. In recent years, Kalpana has also successfully embarked on musical odysseys with
other hallow instruments such as the Nadaswaram and the Sitar. In addition to being a violinist, Kalpana is also trained vocalist, having undergone vocal training under Sangeetha Kalanidhis Sri Narayanaswamy KV and Smt Mani Krishnaswamy.

Born in 1976, hailing from a family of musicians, Sivarama Krishna was initiated into music at a very tender age by his father Sr Sudarsana Rao. He took up the sitar as a child of 6, under the guidance of late Sri Subba Rao (Pandit) and later on became the disciple of the illustrious and veteran Sitarist Late Ahmed Hussain Khan (Ustad), who belongs to the famous Mian Achpal Gharana.

Siva has given solo performances and Jugalbandi's with various artistes all-over India. His hard work determination and dedication has won him many accolades. He was awarded child prodigy of the year 1990 by the Governor of Tamil Nadu as Ugadi
Puraskar for excellence.

His improvisation in playing brings out a perfect combination of 'Gayaki' and 'Tantrakari' Angs. His approach to his music is at once intellectual, sensitive and artistic.


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