Touching Air (2002)

Kala Ramnath

Nat Narayan
Tabla Player
Vijay Ghate (Pandit)

About this album

In this live Saptak performance, Kala Ramnath presents a rarely heard midnight raag, created by her guru, Pandit Jasraj. Raag Nat Narayan is a combination of two older established raags Nat and Narayani, but contains shades of other popular raags like Bilawal and Jhinjoti. In a typical 'vocal' approach, she gently unfolds the raag within a slow rhythmic framework of twelve beats (ektaal). Her skilfully measured expansion of the raag is both lyrical and introspective; the pace of the rhythm gives us opportunity to fully appreciate the subtlest glides and graces that seamlessly connect her notes. Vijay Ghate provides accompaniment on the tabla,with artistic empathy. Throughout the recital, his playing responds sensitively to the musical intention of the performer.


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