Utsava Sampradaya Krithis

Kadri Gopalnath

gopalakrishnan K
Tabla Players
Mani V, Mysore S Putta Raju
Swamy TNV

About this album

The saxophone is an occidental key instrument that does not lend itself spontaneously to the gamaka naunces of the sophisticated art form of Carnatic music. The name of Kadri Gopalnath has become synonymous with that of the saxophone and it is due to his committed professionalism and dedicated perseverance that he has literally made the instrument dance to his tunes. In recent years, he has created commendable waves in the field of Carnatic music and has made his presence felt in the motion picture industry also. His concerts within the country and abroad attract a large cosmopolitan audience, appreciative of the silken fluency of his instrumental expression. He is widely traveled and is the recipient of many awards and titles. He has become the role model for many aspiring youngsters.

1. 'Melikovayya' (Bowli-Khanda Chapu) is a song to awaken the Lord from his sleep when the sages and others are singing his praise.

2. Among the well-known songs of the swing (Oonjal&Lali) by Thyagaraja 'Rama Sreerama' (Sankarabharanam-Thodi), is one that explains the devout bhaktha's sincere offerings to the Lord seated on the swing.

3. In the moving krithi 'Ksheerasagara' (Ananda Bhairavi-Khanda Chapu), the composer addresses the Lord with several virtuous qualities and sings His praise as one who has the milky ocean as His abode.

4. In 'Naa Paal Sreerama' (Sankarabharanam-Adi), Thyagaraja glorifies the worship of the divine feet of Lord Rama (Pada Seva) and asks if He does not protect, who else would? Further, Thyagaraja praises the beautiful form the Lord and submits himself totally to His service.

5. The krithi 'Meluko' (Saurashtram-Rupakam), is addressed to the Lord of Mercy to wake up, for it is time for the sun to rise. The composer offers butter and honey in a golden cup and seeks His blessings along with sages, devas, Brahma and Siva, who awaits at the feet of the Lord to wake up.

6. 'Uyyala Loogavayya' (Neelambari-Khanda Chapu) is yet another song where the composer seeks the blessings of Lord Rama seated on a swing and who is propitiated by Indra and others and who protects His devotees forever, while listening to the essence of the Upanishads.

7. The krithi 'Seethakalyana' (Kurinji-Khanda Chapu), describes the beautiful form and glory of the divine couple auspicious occasion of their wedding.

8. The Nalangu song 'Nagumomu' (Madhyamavathi-Adi) describes the sincere worship of Thyagaraja at the feet of Lord Rama, who is the giver of the ultimate bliss and the remover of ignorance like the sun that dispels darkness.


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