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Kadri Gopalnath

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About this album

Kadri Gopalnah, an innovative artiste with high order of imagination, is the first musician to adapt saxophone in Carnatic music. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the saxophone gained so much prominence in classical music field solely because of him. Though many played classical music in this western instrument even in the Nathamuni Band of Tanjavur some sixty years ago, Kadri Gopalnath is indeed the first to render a full fledged concert without diluting the classical aspects.

This instrument is believed to have been invented by Adolph Sax (1814-94) in Belgium. Kadri Gopalnath took to playing saxophone at a very later stage and earlier he was practicing vocal and other instruments. His ancestors were Nadaswaram Vidwans at the Mysore palace. He learnt music from Mangalore Gopalakrishna Iyer and switched over to TV Gopalkrishnan who taught him the intricacies of concert techniques and gave him a good exposure. He is the first A-graded Sax artiste in All India Radio. He has traveled widely over the length and breadth of India and over twenty foreign countries and performed several successful concerts.

1. 'Gananaayakam' (Poornashadjam - Adi) is a krithi on Lord Ganapathy - the leader of the ganas and the giver of the eight siddhis and remover of all obstacles.

2. 'Adamodigalada' (Charukesi - Adi) is a composition of Saint Thyagaraja where he requests the Lord to condescend and show mercy on him and treat him with compassion.

3. 'Parandhamavathi' (Dharmavathi - Rupakam) is a krithi by Muthuswamy Dikshitar on Goddess Parvathi, beloved spouse of Lord Shiva and one who delights the hearts of her devotees.

4. 'Rama Neeve' (Narayani - Adi) is a composition of Saint Thyagaraja where he extols the virtues, greatness and beauty of Sri Rama the bestower of all good things.

5. 'Sree Chamundeswari' (Bilahari - Adi) is a composition of Mysore Vasudevachar on Goddess Chamundeswari who is ever - compassionate and destroyer of all evils.

6. 'Visweswaru' (Sindhubhairavi - Rupakam) is a beautiful Swathi Tirunal on Lord Visweswar, asking him to grave the devotees with his 'Darshan'.


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