Rasavanthi - Kadri Gopalnath

Kadri Gopalnath

Violin Player
Kanyakumari A
Ghatam Player
Subramanian EM
Haridhwaramangalam AK Palanivel
Mohrsing Player
Rajashekhar B

About this album

The saxophone is a western instrument, which does lend itself spontaneously to the gamaka nuances of Carnatic music. Kadri Gopalnath is a singular artiste whose sense of dedication, committed professionalism and untiring perseverance has made the unrelenting instrument literally dance to his tune. In recent years he has created remarkable waves in the sphere of Carnatic music and has also made his presence felt in the motion picture industry.

His rendition of songs in saxophone is always fluent, flawless impressive musical mosaics, without a single discordant note and has the quality to satisfy both the pedant and the avant-garde among connoisseurs of Carnatic music.

His swara sequences are lucid and reflect his total commitment to strive for perfection, which is there in abundance. He has toured extensively and his concerts attract a large cosmopolitan audience. He is the recipient of many awards and titles and has become the role model for many aspiring youngsters. His playing is marked with a silken fluency, imagination and tight rhythm control that attract listeners all over the world.


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