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Kadri Gopalnath

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About this album

Kadri Gopalnath, a forefront musician has risen to
prominence in a short span of artistic career and has gained a pre-eminent place for himself in the musical arena by his versatility and skillful handling of the instrument of saxophone to blend its intricacies to suit the Carnatic musical format. Gopalnath is one of the much sought after artiste, who can cater to popular taste.

1. 'Jagadananda Karaka' (Nattai - Adi), is one of the Pancharatna compositions (Five Gems) of Thyagaraja extolling Lord Rama as the beloved of Janaki, one who delights the Universe with His varied glories, virtuous acts and merciful deeds.

2. 'Mohana Rama' (Mohanam - Adi), describes the
captivating beauty of the Lord, the foremost among
Gods. Hearing the glory of His human form, the
composer says all Gods have descended down to the
earth to have His vision.

3. The supreme Goddess Parvati, daughter of the
king of mountains residing in all-blissful circle in the nine Aavaranas, the well known deity whose adobe in Mount Kailasa, the conqueror of the minds of the poets and reliever of bondages, is adored by the composer, Muthuswami Dikshitar in his kriti
'Parvatha Raja Kumari' (Sriranjani - Adi).

4. Lalitha Dasar's composition 'Pavanaguru
Pavanapuradheesam' (Hamsanandhi - Rupakam),
describes the form, and glory of Lord Krishna of

5. Vyasa Raya's composition 'Krishna Nee Begane'
(Yaman Kalyani - Adi), addresses with affection Lord Krishna of Udupi, to come quickly and vividly describes the various decorations of the beautiful
form of the divine child.

6. T.V.Gopalakrishnan, a versatile music exponent,
conducts orchestral music in both Carnatic and
Hindustani firmaments. 'Thillana' rendered in this
album is a jewel, set in Kadanakuthuhalam raga and
Adi talam.

7. 'Venkatachala Nilayam' (Sindhu Bhairavi - Adi),
of Purandara Dasa adores the lotus-eyed Lord, the
most holy, residing in Vaikuntam and having Venkaa
Hills as His abode, is being sung in praise in this


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