Dream Journey Vol 2

Kadri Gopalnath


About this album

A native of Dakshina Kannada, Kadri was born in 1950 to Thaniappa and Gangamma. Music was a part of his every day routine as his father was a Nadaswaram Vidwan of Pane Mangalore, and Kadri began training in Nadaswaram at an early age, but destiny had a different story for kadri Gopalnath. On hearing the vibrant tone of the Western Instrument, Saxophone at the Mysore palace, he has decided to master it. It took twenty years for Kadri to conquer the complex wind instrument and he was eventually crowned as 'Saxophone Chakravarthy'.

Awards won by him - Saxophone Chakravarthy, Saxophone Samrat, Ganakala Shree, Nadopasana Brahma, Sunada Prakashika, Nada Kalarathna, Nada Kalashree in 1996, Vocational Excellency Award from the Rotary of Madras, Tamilnadu State Award 'Kalaimamani' and Karnataka Rajyotsava Award in 1998 and also 'Star of India' award and 'Ganakala Bhushana' award.

Gopalnath has extensively toured abroad on invitations. He has participated in the Jazz Festival in Prague, Berlin Jazz Festival, International Cervantino Festival in Mexico, Music Halle Festival, Paris, Concerts in Switzerland, United Kingdom USA, Canada, Behrain, Australia, Kuwait, Quatar, Muscat, Germany, Srilanka, Malaysia and Singapore.

Born in family with an established tradition in music, Manikanth Kadri, son of Sri Kalaimani Kadri Gopalnath, provides the unique marriage of Carnatic and western music that soothes the ears of any music lover. In his quest for fame and recognition, Manikanth Kadri's first achievement was the blockbuster instrumental fusion album dream Journey Vol 1 released in April 2001, which stole the hearts of many in the Southern Region of our country that values traditional Carnatic music.

Entering in to the foray of film music, Manikanth Kadri, composed the music for the English feature film 'The Tantric Journal'. And needless to say, the feature has already been selected for noted international film festivals in San Francisco and Hawaii, USA as well as Tanzania.

Backed by popular demand for Mani's fusion music, the duo of Father and Son has launched their Dream Journey Vol 2. This album has been composed after extensive research to fuse the cultures of traditional South Indian and western music to satisfy the Indian audience, both young and old. Understanding the need to create and awareness for Carnatic music in a way that would be appreciated by today's generation, Dream Journey Vol 2 provides the unique experience for the traditional Indian music lover.


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