Jashnn (2009)


About this album

The music of all Vishesh Films offerings have a certain homogenicity irrespective of changes in composers, lyricists and themes. Jashnn follows the leitmotif loyally, though we think that the formula needs reinvention and they should stick to solo composers, leave them free to follow their styles and revive the high standards that we heard from Jurm and Aashiqui in 1990 to Woh Lamhe... in 2006 - with few exceptions. Sharib-Toshi, in all fairness, do a decent job in Nazrein karam, Aaya re and Main chala and Sandesh Shandilya's solo outing Tere bin (Shaan-Shreya) is also remarkable. But since the hero is said to be a singer, the musical standards could have been still higher.


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