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The violin duo R. Ganesh and R. Kumaresh commenced their musical career at an incredibly young age of 6 and 4. These kids gave a scintillating debut performances at Asia '72' exhibition at Pragathi Maidan in New Delhi, which evoked a raving press review. From day one they enjoy a rare distinction of being 'Top Rank Artistes'. All India Radio graded them as 'A' rank artistes even before they entered their teens. In 1983 on seeing this prodigy brother's violin concert in the TV, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Dr MGR volunteered to offer them the highest honor of the state and made them as 'Asthana Vidwans' of Tamilnadu.

Perfection in bowing style, profound knowledge in the intricacies of Laya, command over the instrument and the flawless rendering even at a very high speed are the highlights among their virtues. They are notable among the very few carnatic musicians who could satisfy both the classes and masses simultaneously.

1. 'Sri Varalakshmi' (Sree - Rupakam) a composition of Muthuswamy Dikshitar, sung in praise of Varalakshmi, giver of wealth and the consort of Vishnu.

2. The composer Patnam Subramania Iyer describes the beauty of Lord Rama in 'Ninnu Joochi' (Sourashtra- Adi). This kriti is one of the gems of his creations.

3. 'Sri Subramanyaya Namaste' (Kambodhi - Rupakam) is very famous among Muthuswamy Dikshitar's compositions. Dikshitar pays his innumerable salutations to Subramanya and compares his beauty to crores and crores of Manmathas.

4. Muthuswami Dikshitar (1776 - 1835) had sung several krithis in praise of various shrines throughout the country. They are called 'Shethra Krithis'. This composition of Dikshitar, 'Sri Kanthimathim' (Hemavathi - Adi) is in praise of Sri Kanthimathi Amman, the presiding deity of Nellaiyappar temple at Tirunelveli.

5. Ganesh-Kumaresh concludes their violin recital in this album with a 'Thillana' (Vasanthi-Misrachapu) which they have composed. The raga Vasanthi is a rare one. It resembles Mohanam but varies in the swaram 'Dha'.


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