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About this album

Gaayathri E, a born genius and a child prodigy plays veena from the age of seven and created a mark in the annals of Carnatic music history. Her scintillating exposition of ragas on this ancient string instrument is unmatched. She learnt veena playing from her father Aswathama, a film music director of the past, and had further training under Sangeetha Kalanidhi Gopalakrishnanan MS and Thyagarajan TM. Gaayathri is a recipient of many honors and laurels. She has rendered many recitals in Indian and abroad. This album consists of Bhajans of Tulsi Das, Meera Bai and Kabir Das and two Bhajans, which are traditionally sung.

Tulsi Das

Tulsi Das was a great devotee of Sri Rama. He is the author of Tulsi Ramayan in Hindi. His compositions reveal the devotion that he had towards Rama. In his Bhajans he expresses his desire to have Darshan of Rama. For him Rama is the supreme god who is the glory of Raghu Vamsh, who grants the wishes of the devotees. Tulsi Das, therfore taught people to meditate upon 'Hari' as a sure means of salvation.

Meera Bai

Meera Bai was a devotee of Lord Krishna. She saw Krishna in every atom of the Universe. Krishna was her Lord. She gave up her position of a queen and all worldly wealth for the sake of her Bakthi to Giridhar Gopal. Her compositions express her desire to be in the company of Krishna all the time. She asks her mind to go to the banks of Ganga and Yamuna to get a glimpse of Him who comes there, the handsome Giridhar clad in golden yellow, wearing a peacock feather and crown comes to play the flute. Meera bows to Him who has stolen her heart.

Kabir Das

Kabir Das preached the worship of Nirakara Brahman that is the God who has no form or name. He was opposed to idol worship. His bhajans are highly philosophical and tells every one to search for God within oneself. He requests people not to fight in the name of religion or any other distinction as God is almighty and common to all.


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