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Sri Dwaram Venkataswamy Naidu, foremost and memorable solo violinist of yesteryears is held in high esteem by instrumentalists for his being an exemplary artiste. His technique was unique and unparalleled in the field of Carnatic music.

1. 'Rama Neepai Tanaku' in Raga Kedaram and Tala Adi, of Sri Thyagaraja who admits his personal feelings of love and affection to Lord Rama which occupies his mind eternally and his longing to see the divine form always.

2. Sri Thyagaraja in his kriti 'Mokshamu Galada' (Saraswati Raga and Adi Tala) explains the greatness of music as a means for Salvation. 'Only those who have real devotion and knowledge of divine music can attain this' quotes the composer, denoting music itself as the Supreme end.

3. Ragam Tanam Pallavi elaborations in Kalyani is the following number.

4. In the lilting melody of Kandana Kutoohalam and Adi Tala, the kriti 'Raghuvamsasudhambudhi' is played next glorifying Lord Rama as the 'ocean of nectar of the Raghukula'.

5. Ragam and Tanam in Ragamalika.

6. Ashtapadis are short lyrical compositions in eight lines written by Poet Jayadeva, based mostly on the element of love, between Krishna and Radha. Ashtapadi in Sindhubhairavi and Adi Tala is being rendered.

7. A Tillana in Kanada Raga is the concluding number.


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