Thayagaraja Krithis

Bombay Sisters


About this album

The Bombay Sisters, Saroja C and Lalitha C need no introduction to lovers of Carnatic music. They are seasoned musicians who have had the privilege of training under the maestro Musiri Subramania Iyer. Their musical capabilities were toned to perfection by Govinda Rao TK.

Their popularity can be gauged by the fact that they have recorded more than 150 cassettes, both devotional and classical. Blessed with rich, mellifluous voices, the hallmarks of their art are total commitment, dedication and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

1. 'Seethapathe' (Khamas - Adi), Thyagaraja sings the praises of Seethapathe, who is the Protector of Righteousness. Khamas is a universally appealing raga.

2. In 'Rama Bana' (Saveri - Adi), Thyagaraja says that the mind cannot sufficiently extol the valour of Lord Rama, whose arrow destroyed the entire might of the demon king, Ravana's Army.

3. Thyagaraja is so devoted to Lord Rama, that he prays that whatever he sees or worships or who ever he talks to, he should feel as if it was the Lord before him, in his composition 'Sri Rama Padama' (Amrithavahini - Adi).

4. 'Evarura' (Mohanam - Adi), the familiar song finds the composer chiding Lord Rama for His delay and hesitation to protect him.

5. With the chanting of the Taraka nama, people are nearer to the liberation of the soul, which makes Yama, the God of Death very anxious of the situation, as described in the song, 'Karu Baru' (Mukhari - Adi).

6. Lord Krishna is seen here to be teasing the Gopikas to ensure their affection on Him, in 'Ninne Bhajana' (Nattai - Adi).

7. In 'Needaya Rada' (Vasanthabhairavi - Rupakam), Thyagaraja pleads to Rama, the Lord of Solar Race to extend His mercy and grace to him without delay.


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