Pakhawaj Beat (2002)

Bhavani Shankar

Teen Taal

About this album

A stunning live performance by the master percussionist, demontrating all the majestic charms of the Pakhawaj, the king of Indian drums. The performance begins with a type of composition known as 'Strotra Paran'. The 'Strotra's or 'Stuti's, are metrically composed verses, sung in praise of different Gods. In this composition, there are references to the Hindu Gods Shiva, Shankar and Brahma, and their stories are integrated into a musical composition, which incorporates typical Pakhawaj syllables like 'takete' and 'tetekota godigine'.

Throughout the performance, Bhavani Shankar is accompanied by Shishirchandra Bhatt on Harmonium, and Ikram Khan on Sarangi, who provide the 'lehra', a repeated melodic phrase that outlines a rhythmic structure of sixteen beats.


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