Generation Series Thyagaraja Krithis

Balaji Shankar

About this album

Blalaji Shankar is yet another bright promising star in the Carnatic Musical area. He has a deep, rich voice that can bring forth fine nuances of music, with perfection in diction and purity of tradition. With a solid background from the D.K.P School, Balaji adds further, a special touch to his musical skill by his own dedication and depth of understanding of the rich treasures of Carnatic Music.


1. In 'Cera Raavademira' in (Raaga : Reethigowla and Thala : Adi), Sri Thyagaraja expresses his total faith in Lord Rama and seeks his grace.

2. The kriti of Sri Thyagaraja 'Toli Janmau' in (Raaga : Bilahari and Thala Khanda Chapu), glorifies the name of the all - Supreme Rama and speaks of its merit among so many of his own sins committed in previous births.

3. Among the compositions of Sri Thyagaraja on Lord Panchanadeesa at Tiruvaiyaru (or) Panchanada Kshetra, Siva Siva Siva Yenarada (Raaga : Pantuvarali and Thala : Adi) speaks of the glory of chanting the name of Lord Siva to get rid of the fears and troubles of the bondage of life.

4. In Durmargachara (Raaga : Ranjani and Thala : Rupakam) Sri Thyagaraja admits his inability to praise or flatter wicked people and says that for him, Lord Rama, the very embodiment of Dharma, is his only material prosperity, wealth and his very God.

5. The grand kriti of the Saint Singer Thyagaraja - Swara Raga Sudha in (Raaga : Sankarabharanam and Thala : Adi), begins with the spontaneous, spirited rendering of Balaji Shankar and is elaborated with the swara delineations and a masterly Tani Avartanam of Srimushnam Raja Rao (Mridangam) and S. Karthik (Ghatam). In this exquisite krithi, the glories of Nada, the Saptaswaras, their sthanas, are all described as great knowledge leading one to the road of salvation, Bhakti without purity of mind is useless says the saint composer while speaking of the glory of our musical heritage.

6. Sri Thyagaraja while describing the form and beauty of the Supreme Rama, explains his relationship with Sive, Rama, Soumitri, Hanuman, Garuda and others, in the kriti Seethamma Mayamma (Raaga : Vasantha and Thala : Rupakam)

7. Lalgudi Jayaraman's lilting Revati Thillana is the concluding number of this lively album.


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